The Whole Life Architecture Programs

Your Life ReCreated. In Community.

Unlock Greater Success. Elevate Your Health. Ignite Electric Relationships.

We understand that true power and potential cannot be achieved through shortcuts or quick fixes. ReCreating your life demands a profound commitment to consistent effort and growth.

You’re not in this journey alone. We’re a community that is committed to transformation and ensuring lasting success.

We’ve Established a Game-Changing Program for Unprecedented Results. 

Discover Whole Life Architecture—a groundbreaking movement in the personal development industry, offering real, life-transformative programs; developing FutureReady Leaders.

Unlike traditional approaches, our twelve-month journey empowers you to architect and create your life by your own design, ensuring unparalleled success and alignment.

Embrace this transformative process and become the FutureReady leader of your life, witnessing the realization of your deepest desires.

The Journey. The Experience. The Transformation.

Unlock your full potential as a powerful creator in every aspect of your life—business, career, health, relationships. Embrace your innate power to shape your reality and move from reactive victimhood to intentional creation.

Develop the ultimate superpower: Emotional Sobriety. Elevate your life performance to new heights. No longer react to life; instead, choose and manifest your desired outcomes with purpose and clarity.

Master the art of living from a place of calm detachment. Release limiting beliefs and societal pressures, and redefine your reality through intentional perception and cognitive tools.

Discover the source of your creative power and design an intentional life that aligns with your deepest desires. Learn to navigate the four architectures: physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual to unleash your potential as the leader and master of your life. 

The Whole Life Architecture Program has allowed me to reckon on my true purpose, and it has provided the tools I needed in order to craft a life driven by that purpose, a life that is driven by intention. I am now living a life that I am intentionally creating with purpose rather than just tolerating the circumstances.

Choose Your Journey
From Our Original RePrograms

Whole Life Architecture

  • 2-Monthly Community Calls
  • Monday - Friday Meditations
  • Facebook Community
  • Community Updates

Are you looking to dip your toes into a supportive community without any financial commitment? Our Free Community is designed for individuals who want to experience some of the benefits Whole Life Architecture has to offer. 

Each month we host two community calls to engage in collaborative discussions on Leadership Ontology while exploring its real-life applications in business and life, network, share ideas, receive support.  

Enhance your daily routine with guided meditations offered Monday – Friday. Stay informed and inspired through our Facebook community. Plus, by joining our email list, you’ll receive community updates, including information on in-person events and new programs.

Do you value building strong relationships, and enjoy regular touchpoints? Our Community Program provides consistent support and camaraderie, offering you a chance to journey with like-minded individuals on your own transformational path.

Experience meaningful connections through weekly community interactions, and take-home practices that truly support you in your transformational journey.

Blending teaching with experiential learning, this program is our most interactive and community-focused option. 

Community Program

Weekly Program
$ 500
per mo.
  • 12-Mo. Curriculum Plan
  • Weekly 90-min Teaching
  • Weekly 90-min Mentoring
  • Weekly Take Home Practices
  • Daily Meditations
  • 2-monthly Community Calls
  • WhatsApp Peer Group
  • Private Facebook Group


Monthly Program
$ 1,750
per mo.
  • 4-Hour Monthly Training
  • Community Program Access
  • - 12-Mo. Curriculum Plan
  • - Weekly 90-min Teaching
  • - Weekly 90-min Mentoring
  • - Weekly Take Home Practices
  • - Daily Meditations
  • - 2-monthly Community Calls
  • - WhatsApp Peer Group
  • - Private Facebook Group

Looking for a high-impact, intensive learning experience? The Life-DesignLab is perfect for busy self-starters. This program offers a concentrated, four-hour session once a month, that takes a dive deep into an experiential learning experience with practical application.

Ideal for those with tight schedules, our Life-DesignLab focuses on individual output and applied learning, making it easy to achieve significant results in a short time frame. Engage in community interactions in a concentrated format while focusing on your personal development.

Do you crave a blend of deep community engagement and high-impact learning environment? 

Prepay for two 5-Day In-Person Lean-In events annually. 

Our immersive Lean-In experiences are integral to the Whole Life Architecture Curriculum program, offering hands-on, concentrated experience-based transformational training that enhance and deepen your life design journey. 

We call them “Lean-Ins” because we believe in building a life you “lean into”, not retreat from.

Prepaid Lean-Ins

Quarterly Program
$ 1,250
per mo.
  • Two, 5-Day In-person Events Per Year
  • Community Program Access
  • - 12-Mo. Curriculum Plan
  • - Weekly 90-min Teaching
  • - Weekly 90-min Mentoring
  • - Weekly Take Home Practices
  • - Daily Meditations
  • - 2-monthly Community Calls
  • - WhatsApp Peer Group
  • - Private Facebook Group

“Who were you when you were born?”
~ Ancient Buddhist Inquiry

Our Commitment To You

Whole Life Architecture ensures that you access and live from your essential nature, reconstituting yourself and your life by design from a place of total power and authenticity to yourself to become the leader and master of the self in every area of your life.

You may have mastered certain parts of your life. You may have even reached the pinnacle of financial success, as “the world” defines it. Yet, once you have attained a certain level of success, once you’ve burned through all the adrenaline, and you’ve come down from the dopamine rush, and all the other endless highs that should have made you happy, and maybe even did make you feel happy… for a moment, things feel flat.

The true measure of success is your power to masterfully design and create your life to align with who YOU authentically are! It’s the ability to assert your will in every area of your life and have it be as you intend it.

You know you have more to give, and way more life to live. Heck, you’ve barely scratched the surface of your true power and potential. Whole Life Architecture delivers results because we aren’t promising an easy fix to your life’s challenges. We are delivering a proven community-centric path to true success and life activation that works for everyone who commits to it.

We put the time and effort in with you. We journey with you as you take bold action to re-architect each and every area of your life, reactivate your personal power and develop a new level of mastery to successfully create the life you want!