Whole Life Architecture

If your life is like most people’s, it may seem like life “just happened” to you, and now you are merely managing your life at best, or tolerating it at worst?


The most rigorous, results-focused,
true-self activation and embodied
power program… ever!

This online immersive program is designed to forge you into the most powerful, Future Ready Creator of your own life. Our experienced team has worked with Fortune 100 companies, hundreds of thousands of leaders across multiple countries to expand their power, impact and by-design performance outcomes.

After working with TMIC consistently… I’m making significantly more money,
and providing a positive impact on the people around me."

~Bill Schuffenhauer

Managing Partner Ovation Vos; Global Director of Partnerships Metrics Engine;
President Olympian Speaks Cons; 3x Olympian & Silver Medalist, US Olympic Team; Mentor, Advisor, Speaker

Live Virtual Teachings

Weekly, 90-min curriculum-based online interactive workshops.

Mastery Mentorship

Weekly, 60-min interactive Q&A-based group mentoring.

A Community of Powerful Peers

A global community of aligned entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders.

Interactive Life-By-Design Pods

Weekly virtual interactive breakouts applying DesignShop models to your life design.

In-Person Off-the-Grid Retreats

Three experiential embodiment retreats to integrate and deepen your life design.


Take a moment to seriously consider this. Reflect on everything in your life. Did you intentionally bring it into your life, because of a specific intention you had for what you were creating in your life?

Or, if your life is like most people’s, does it seem like it “just happened” to you, and now you are merely managing your life at best, or tolerating it at worst?

You may be asking or feeling:

“I’ve succeeded, won the game I was playing, made the money, and still I’m left feeling bored, uninspired, sometimes empty, wondering if there is anything else?”

“What happened to my youth and energy? My body has taken a beating, I’ve got some pounds to lose, some toning to do, but most importantly, how can I feel powerful, alive and full of energy again?”

“What’s going on with my relationship (or lack of one)? Should I get into a relationship? Am I stuck in this boring, lifeless relationship? Can I reactivate my sensual spark?”

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Activate Your True Power.
It’s time to re-Architect Your Life.
On Your Terms!

Whole Life Architecture invites you into a powerful community-centric container of other powerful, successful peers supporting each-other’s total life-reCreation! Whole Life Architecture invites you into a powerful community of influential, successful peers who are supporting each other’s total life reCreation.

Greater Success. Better Health. Electric Relationships.

We all know there’s no “easy” path or quick pill to access your true power and potential.

To reCreate your life, it takes a very serious level of commitment to “doing the work.”

But here, you’re not alone in the process.

We journey with you as you take action to re-architect each and every area of your life.

Learn to reactivate your personal power and develop a new level of mastery to successfully create the life you want!

We Created a Proven Program that
Optimizes Your Experience & Results

We believe Whole Life Architecture is the answer to all the failed programs so many have trusted to take you to the next level of success, joy, and alignment in your life. Throughout our twelve monthly modules, you will be given the tools to architect and create your life by design. Each carefully designed module is experienced through:
  • weekly live group teachings
  • small group breakouts
  • transparent conversations
  • take home practices, and
  • individual introspection

All within a supportive community of peers are committed to re-creating their life into a life of power, authenticity, aliveness and success.

We’ve combined the most effective and proven elements from the most powerful human potential programs, integrated them with DesignShop, a proven 40+ year methodology consistently used by 55% of Fortune 100 companies to design and optimize their success, and wrapped all of it in the timeless wisdom practices and philosophies on the nature of being and power from centuries of human mastery.

Whole Life Architecture ensures the access to your essential nature by reconstituting yourself and your life by design from a place of total empowerment and authenticity, to become the leader and master of yourself in every area of your life.

If you implement the Whole Life Architecture process and do the work, you will attain your true desires in life – period.

A Summary Of Your Year

Starts March 21, 2024

Starts April 25, 2024

Starts May 30, 2024

Starts July 4, 2024

RETREAT (3-day): July 2024 (Final Date TBD)

Starts August 1, 2024

Intro & Physical Architecture
Starts August 29, 2024

Emotional & Cognitive Architecture
Starts September 26, 2024

Spiritual Architecture & Integration
Starts October 24, 2024

RETREAT (5-day): December 2024 (Final Date TBD)

Starts November 21, 2024

Starts January 2, 2025

Starts January 30, 2024

Starts February 27, 2024

RETREAT (7-day): March 2025 (Final Date TBD)

Our Commitment to You

“Who were you when you were born?”
~ Ancient Buddhist Inquiry

Whole Life Architecture ensures that you access and live from your essential nature, reconstituting yourself and your life by design from a place of total power and authenticity to yourself to become the leader and master of the self in every area of your life.

You may have mastered certain parts of your life. You may have even reached the pinnacle of financial success, as “the world” defines it. Yet, once you have attained a certain level of success, once you’ve burned through all the adrenaline, and you’ve come down from the dopamine rush, and all the other endless highs that should have made you happy, and maybe even did make you feel happy… for a moment, things feel flat.

The true measure of success is your power to masterfully design and create your life to align with who YOU authentically are! It’s the ability to assert your will in every area of your life and have it be as you intend it.

You know you have more to give, and way more life to live. Heck, you’ve barely scratched the surface of your true power and potential. Whole Life Architecture delivers results because we aren’t promising an easy fix to your life’s challenges. We are delivering a proven community-centric path to true success and life activation that works for everyone who commits to it.

We put the time and effort in with you. We journey with you as you take bold action to re-architect each and every area of your life, reactivate your personal power and develop a new level of mastery to successfully create the life you want!

What You Will Experience & Who You Will Become

  1. Activate and lead your life as a powerful creator of anything that you desire and can imagine for your business, for your career, for your health, for your relationships. Realize your innate power as a creative force in the world, and not as a reactive victim of circumstances.
  2. Develop the superpower of superpowers. Train yourself to be “Emotionally Sober”, leading to the highest life performance possible, because you are no longer a “walking reaction” to everything that happens to you.Things no longer happen to you; they happen because you intend them to. You will stop chasing emotional states, and will learn to use your emotions to produce profound results.
  3. Realize the power of living and engaging all of life from a cool, calm, “committed and unattached” place. Learn to manage your energy and align it with powerful actions by releasing your victim-based attachments to the stories that drive you to make rash, poor, reactive decisions. Develop your responsive choice-making abilities.
  4. Be freed from all of the “shoulds”, and “musts” of societal, cultural, and family constructs. Be released from worrying about what everyone else thinks you should do. Realize that there is no reality outside of your perception, and learn to use powerful cognitive tools to intentionally redesign your perception, altering your experience of and relationship to what you thought was “REAL”, and recreate what is possible for you and your life or business.
  5. Understand the nature and source of your creative power. Use your created intention as a catalyst from which to redesign and operate your new life. Design an Intention for your life that aligns everything you think, say and do, resulting in a powerfully aligned life that delivers high performance outcomes as you intend them to.
  6. Distinguish and apply the four architectures (physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual) that constitute your experience of yourself as an all powerful creator, and the leader and master of your life. Understand the relationship between the various architectures, and how to align them with your intention. Begin to experience the flow of living an aligned life, operating at your .


Who This Program Is For

  • Executives who are looking to optimize their personal power and performance, and who want to strengthen their ability to inspire and motivate their teams to do the same.
  • Entrepreneurs that desire to activate their full creative potential, and who want to bring a successful vision into reality while breaking through perceived limitations and conditions of the mind.
  • Athletes who desire to embody their fully integrated mentality, emotions, physical and spiritual potential; both during and after their athletic career. Athletes that seek to transmute the mindset skills into other successful endeavors.
  • Leaders & High-Performance Individuals that desire to live a powerful, joyful, and successful life that is aligned with their true, authentic self; a self that has been buried for years, perhaps even decades.


TMIC Retreat Partners

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Since its inception in 1962, Esalen has been a hub for leading-edge artists, intellectuals, and seekers to explore human potential, foster personal growth, and integrate a variety of spiritual, psychological, and somatic ideas and theories. As such, there are some truly excellent stories to be told about past discoveries, present explorations, and future ambitions. These legacies serve as a testament to the positive influence Esalen has had and will continue to have in the present and for generations to come.
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