TMIC is partnering with landowners in select locations to create prototypes of Life Regenerative Environments we call “Re-Creation Centers”. TMIC and its partners in Texas, California and Hawaii are currently proceeding with early stage design of TMIC’s highly anticipated Re-Creation Centers. 

Re-Creation Centers serve multiple functions. The design and development of the Re-CReation Centers is itself a prototype of what TMIC refers to as “the ultimate living and working environment where humans thrive because the environment is in perfect alignment with nature. Convening entrepreneurs, investors and inventors behind the most advanced sustainable technologies, building methods, development 

The Re-Creation Centers will not only serve as a unique environment where TMIC will host programmed events such as DesignShops®, DesignSummits, and Workshop / Retreats, but they will also serve the communities in which they are built as a multi-use facility for collaboration and creativity-based education opportunities and mental health programs. 

“I am convinced more than ever that one of the issues we are having on the planet is that the systems and structures that have defined our society for at least the past 70 years have been largely left-brain centric,” says TMIC Founder Chad Lefevre. “They have been predominantly about the “doing” of life, the logistics of life – they’ve been about the what and how of winning the growth-for-growth-sake without limits game we trapped ourselves in, without answering the question why. Re-Creation Centers activate the right brain, the creative center. As human beings we are most alive when we are creating, because that’s what we are, creators. Re-Creation Centers are a place where humanity can convene to collaborate and to create again. To get outside of the grooves and inertia of the system, and contemplate, connect and create. Re-Creation Centers are fundamentally about healing the damage we have done to ourselves, and providing a space to create something that helps regenerate life as individuals and communities. 

TMIC is co-creating a Future Ready economy and world, by convening a community of free thinkers, leaders, strategists, creators, builders, and investors. TMIC develops “life Regenerative leaders, and designs solutions to the biggest challenges of our time, while creating new Life Regenerative systems and structures for humanity to thrive; whether local, regional, national, or transnational. By design, these systems and structures are meant to reconnect people to themselves, to each other and to nature.

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