The Most Important Conversations (TMIC) is proud to announce its partnership with Podetize, the world’s leading and largest podcast production company for “serious podcasters”, seeking ultra professional support and the highest quality production.

The partnership will create The Most Important Conversations podcast network, a platform and forum to facilitate the most important conversations humanity needs to be having at this critical period in human history with leading visionaries, entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders at the cutting edge of where we are headed as a society and world.

“The intention of the TMIC podcast network on Podetize is to build bridges by expanding the awareness of what’s currently going on in the world, and what’s possible for us to collectively create by working together instead of fighting one another”, says Chad Lefevre, Founder of TMIC. “The culture wars have led to the destruction of families and communities… there has been no net positive that has come out of nearly a decade of fighting. Someone needs to begin a productive dialog about what is happening, and what we can create together to positively move humanity forward; and God knows we have many things to address, but it begins by having a respectful conversation, listening to one another, and collaborating together from a place of honest creativity.”

Podetize CEO, Tracy Hazzard commented on the partnership, saying “this partnership is one of great pride for us. We at Podetize are more than just a media company, we share values with TMIC, and our business is facilitating conversations; so it just makes sense for us to help foster the most important conversations we need to be having right now in our society.”     

TMIC is co-creating a Future Ready economy and world, by convening a community of free thinkers, leaders, strategists, creators, builders, and investors. TMIC develops “life Regenerative leaders, and designs solutions to the biggest challenges of our time, while creating new Life Regenerative systems and structures for humanity to thrive; whether local, regional, national, or transnational. By design, these systems and structures are meant to reconnect people to themselves, to each other and to nature.

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