Master Your Emotions: The Road To Building Emotional Sobriety

The Most Important Conversations | Emotional Sobriety

Imagine a life where you’re not controlled by your emotions. Where impatience doesn’t hijack your day, and frustration fuels action, not meltdowns. Join Chad Lefevre & September Dohrmann in today’s conversation as they traverse the path building emotional sobriety and master the power of emotional intelligence. Emotional sobriety is the key to understanding your feelings […]

Meditation For The Modern Minds In A Disconnected World With Pandit Dasa

The Most Important Conversations | Pandit Dasa | Meditation

Feeling like you’re constantly on edge? Like the world’s a never-ending to-do list and your mind’s a hamster wheel? In this episode, we explore the power of meditation to find inner peace and focus with mindfulness expert Pandit Dasa. Chad Lefevre and September Dohrmann discuss the essence of meditation with Pandit, who shares his journey […]

The Right Path Towards Moral Leadership

TMIC 1 | Moral Leadership

According to an article from Harvard Business Review, we’re entering a more human age where empathy and compassion are becoming an imperative trait in today’s leaders. Chad Lefevre and September Dohrmann discussed some of the ways a leader can hone in on moral leadership by learning new skills such as emotional sobriety. They talked about the […]