Life Regenerative Environments

Life Regenerative Environments are intentionally designed for life to thrive, and are built to last. Designed and built according to the tenets of TMIC’s Whole Life Architecture methodology, they are not just sustainable, but life regenerative. That’s why we call our developments “Life Regenerative.” 

Each Life Regenerative Development rigorously adheres design principles based in organic architecture, biomimicry and biophilia, serving as a demonstration of what’s possible for humanity when it comes to living and working in a human-inspiring, healthy, life-regenerative, non-toxic, and net zero environment, while mitigating the effects of climate change on humans and nature. In partnership with SireWall (global leaders in rammed earth technology), we use materials that can last up to 1000 years, are non-toxic, fireproof, hurricane proof, tectonic plate resilient.

We work with local and state/provincial officials to satisfy required mandates to come up with development solutions that exceed existing requirements for a more healthy and sustainable future.

Upcoming developments in Texas, Hawaii, and Dominica provide real-world examples of TMIC’s Life Regenerative Development approach. 

Our Island retreat center and TMIC headquarters in Hawaii fulfills on our mission to be an “other” environment; a place “other than” the existing broken and destructive models of development; one that honors nature, and restores the symbiotic balance between nature and people, while meeting the demands and challenges of our age. 

If you are a sustainable company with technologies, materials, and capabilities that would advance humanity and the planet, we want to speak with you!

TMIC continues to seek and form partnerships with sustainable technology companies desiring to collaborate and lead in the deployment of Life Regenerative Development.