Life Regenerative Environments

Sustainability should no longer be the objective,
because what currently exists is already unsustainable.”

~ Chad Lefevre

What if you could work and live in an environment designed to optimize all aspects of the human experience: physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual. One that is revitalizing, nourishing, self-sustaining and regenerative for humans and the earth. A physical environment designed for all of life to thrive, supporting you in living your most aligned, joyful and healthy life by connecting you more deeply to yourself, to others and to nature. That’s what we are creating.

In his book Deer & Thunder, Arkan Lushwala writes: “In Andean thought, ownership is not about possession; it is about developing a strong link with someone or something… to have a deep bond with anything alive, be it human, animal, plant, land, water, wind, fire or spirit, makes us its “parents” or “owners”. We deeply care for all that we become linked to, and this creates unity in our world… Powerful owners instinctively empower everything that nourishes what they protect, and, likewise, they leap into action when there is any threat, physical or vibrational, to the health of their territory”.

With Life Regenerative Environment projects underway in Houston TX, Joshua Tree Park CA, Los Angeles CA and Hawaii, these projects serve as prototypes for how humanity can live and work in harmony with nature in the 21st century.