Life Regenerative Environments

"Sustainability should no longer be the objective, because what
currently exists is already unsustainable."

The Vision

To create physical spaces where life flourishes, supporting you in living your most aligned, joyful, and healthy life by fostering a deeper connection to yourself, others, and nature.

Imagine living and working in an environment meticulously crafted to optimize every facet of the human experience—physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual. 

Envision a place that is not merely sustainable, but regenerative; an ecosystem that revitalizes, nourishes, and sustains both humans and the Earth. 

Developing Strong Links

Lushwala’s words reflect our ethos: true ownership and stewardship foster a profound sense of responsibility and interconnectedness with all living things. This philosophy underpins our projects, which serve as prototypes for harmonious living in the 21st century.

Arkan Lushwala, in his book Deer & Thunder, encapsulates the essence of this vision:

“In Andean thought, ownership is not about possession; it is about developing a strong link with someone or something… To have a deep bond with anything alive, be it human, animal, plant, land, water, wind, fire, or spirit, makes us its ‘parents’ or ‘owners’. We deeply care for all that we become linked to, and this creates unity in our world… Powerful owners instinctively empower everything that nourishes what they protect, and, likewise, they leap into action when there is any threat, physical or vibrational, to the health of their territory.”

Our initiatives are already taking root in various locations, including:


Joshua Tree

Los Angeles


 Each project exemplifies how humans can live and work in synergy with nature, creating environments where all life forms can thrive. These Life Regenerative Environments are designed to be self-sustaining, regenerating both the land and the spirit of those who inhabit them.

Join us on this transformative journey to redefine how we interact with our world. Together, we can cultivate spaces that not only sustain but regenerate, fostering a future where all life can flourish.