DesignShop® is the most powerful immersive, design-thinking creative collaboration process, trusted and used for 40+ years by Fortune 500 companies.

DesignShop® has been able to help with:

Boeing: Redesigning the Aircraft Design Process
By the time the 777 aircraft was in production, it had become clear to executives at Boeing that the design process was so long and costly that they were unlikely to be able to afford the design of an entirely new airplane. Boeing engaged in a 4-day DesignShop with 90 executives, engineers, customers (like United Airlines) and suppliers (like Allied Signal). The aim was to completely revamp the process and technology they used in developing new planes. Ten years later, Walt Gillette, the leader of the aircraft design project, credited the DesignShop with taking at least two years out of the design and development time of the revolutionary 787.

FedEx: Creating One FedEx in the Eyes of the Customer
FedEx undertook a series of annual DesignShop Customer Summits with the intention of regaining its preeminence in customer service following a series of acquisitions, which included several independent trucking companies, freight forwarders, and Kinko’s. The first Summit was aimed at creating a sense of urgency among the eighty members of the newly merged executive team. In small groups, FedEx executives had the opportunity to take the role of customers and compare their performance directly against that of UPS and DHL in such things as tracking packages, dealing with customs problems, opening an account online, and other areas where their own marketing department knew they were falling short but could not get a broad commitment to fix the problems. The discovery that they were far from the best in the business lit a fire under the executives to fix these issues – absolutely, positively! The result has been newly integrated systems and processes, increased customer satisfaction scores, increased organizational flexibility, and a higher share price.

Pfizer: Increasing Global Access to Medicines
How to make medications available to the over four billion people on the planet who make less than $2000 per year and do so in a profitable – and therefore commercially sustainable – way? Pfizer convened a 3-day DesignShop that included external partners such as the UN, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the International Red Cross, and the Grameen Foundation. The outcomes included a joint venture with the Grameen Foundation – Grameen Health – that was concluded within 6 months of the session.

United Health Group
UnitedHealth Group, the world’s largest healthcare company, was having trouble engaging their own employees in increasing the quality of their health and reducing medical expenses. Data indicated they were engaging just 25% of employees in their health incentive programs. A cross-functional team discovered that the focus on BMI and other biometrics were a barrier for many employees. Through the DesignShop process, the team defined a new approach to engagement, shifting from outcomes-based incentives to a personal goal setting program where employees choose their priorities and incentives that reward actions toward wellbeing.

World Economic Forum: Creating a DesignSpace for World Leaders
For the past several years, the World Economic Forum at Davos has created a DesignShop experience as a creative venue in which to have deeper conversations on world issues – and their solution – than are possible in other more typical venues. You can listen to their reactions on this link:

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In short, DesignShop® is a powerful 3-5 day in-person, immersive, design-thinking experience for companies, governments, NGO’s, and non-profits, focused on solving problems at any scale. 

And we are proud to announce that we partnered with them.

Our first 2 objectives are:
1. Connect the leaders in AI, presidents, influential families, and world leaders together to come up with a whitepaper that can guide the world on how to deal with AI using the DesignShop® model.

2. We’ll also be announcing for the first time in 40 years DesignShop® to be available for small and midsize companies in the first-ever beta group giving small to midsize companies the same strategies the Fortune 100 companies use to grow without limits.

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Creating the best education system on the planet for our next generation in order for them to think for themselves and to thrive.

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Creating the best education system on the planet for our next generation in order for them to think for themselves and to thrive.

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