DesignSummits. For The World.

Shaping a FutureReady World. Collectively.

Our Mission

We believe in creating solutions, not just reacting to conditions. Our goal is to facilitate the most important conversations humanity needs to have to design solutions that address global challenges at any scale. We aim to create life-regenerative, FutureReady systems, structures, and outcomes for humanity.

The Current Landscape

Change is a constant, yet the nature, rate, and complexity of today’s changes are unprecedented. We’re amid a paradigm shift for which we are not fully prepared. DesignSummits are here to change that.

What a DesignSummit Is

DesignSummit is a 3-5 day in-person immersive collaborative design experience that brings together the most essential and relevant industry leaders and stakeholders to tackle targeted global and social challenges, and take measurable collective action.

Why Choose DesignSummit

DesignSummits convene world and industry leaders to establish common ground and solve collective challenges at any scale. Unlike typical summits focused on networking and keynote lectures, DesignSummits emphasize collaboration and collective action, delivering actionable results with every participant’s input and commitment.

Activate the Creative Genius of Today’s Leaders

Each summit is an immersive 3-day facilitated creative collaboration experience. We bring together leading businesses, brands, world leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, and thinkers to re-imagine, design, and create new life-regenerative systems, policies, and structures for a future-ready world.

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The DesignSummit Experience

DesignSummits design, test, and rigorously evaluate new solutions previously unconsidered. Participants refine the widest set of possible solutions into practical, tangible models. The group reaches decisions, solutions, and models that meet or exceed the original summit objectives.

Each DesignSummit combines high and low tech with sophisticated design, collaborative creativity, and precision. This approach creates paths forward with the highest potential for success, ensuring aligned, committed action from all participants.

DesignSummit Theme Examples

DesignSummits center on a single theme with select hot topics that demand urgent attention. We convene the most relevant minds to address these themes through the DesignShop methods for maximum collaboration, innovation and progress.

Energy Transition

Success & Mitigation of Risks, Economics, Pollution, Resource Depletion


Responsible Integration & Use of AI, Cyberattacks, Privacy, Biotechnology

Conflict & War

New Models for Global Cooperation & Collaboration

Climate Change

Mitigation & Reversal, Biodiversity Loss, Migration & Displacement

Mental Health

Averting Crisis, Addiction, Improved Support Systems, Awareness, & Reduced Stigma

The Indigenous

Healing the Past, Reconciliation, & Integration

Life Regenerative Development

Organic Architecture & Biophilic Design



Robust Healthcare Systems, Disease Surveillance,& International Cooperation

Poverty & Inequality

Universal Basic Income, Education, Access to Essential Services

Food Security

Access to Food, Clean Water, Sustainable Farming


Education: Access & Inequality, Economic Growth, Social Mobility

Social Polarization

Disparities in Thriving According to Race, Religion, & Gender

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