Aligned Peers Honestly, Deeply Connecting & Collaborating
to Co-Create Solutions to Their Most Pressing Challenges,
and Then Taking Action

What is DesignLab?

This is your opportunity to experience the power of the DesignShop methodology, used by 55% of Fortune 100 companies, over 40 years, but with all the convenience and benefit of an online mastermind, and for a fraction of the cost of a full in-person DesignShop!

Each month, 1 company is the company in focus, in the “Solutions Seat”. This means you and your chosen challenge are the focus that month of the DesignLab, with the other 11 companies participating in the creation of the solution you require through the DesignLab process, opening their networks and connections to assist were relevant, and holding you accountable to act and execute on the designed solution to your challenge.   

Rob Evans and Chad Lefevre meet with Solutions Seat executive team for 2-hours a few weeks in advance of the upcoming DesignLab to determine the appropriate Patterns, Models and Tools from the DesignShop methodology that are relevant to your chosen challenge. These Patterns, Models and Tools will serve as the framework in and through which all DesignLab participants will engage, and create the course of action required to solve your chosen challenge.

During the DesignLab, all peers collaborate and focus on the Solutions Seat company’s chosen challenge.  Appropriate DesignShop® Patterns, Models and Tools are deployed to co-create precise, actionable solutions to your chosen challenge.

Finally, DesignLab culminates the year with an in-person retreat comprised of participants from your DesignLab, and other concurrent DesignLabs.

DesignLab Benefits include: 

  • Improved profitability and success
  • Solutions to any type of business challenge, at any scale
  • Competitive advantage in your industry
  • Exponential progress in mere hours, versus weeks or months
  • Convenience (DesignLab is virtual)
  • Peer-to-peer mastermind networking and connection
  • Breakthrough measurable action and results 

DesignShop® Labs are a powerful alternative to the typical mastermind model. We are tired of planning for planning sake. We believe talk is cheap, and a plan is just a plan, if not followed by measurable action that realizes results.
For the first time ever, DesignShop® Labs brings many of the benefits of a full DesignShop® to mid-sized company executives, experienced in an elite virtual lab format, and for a fraction of the cost a regular in-person 3-5 day DesignShop® experience requires.

Using the ACT model of delivery (Action through Collaboration = Transformation), this high performance and results driven lab is delivered once a month for 4-hours with up to 24 participating leaders and decision-makers from 12 companies, who are serious about solving the biggest challenges in their organization.

Each month one company is chosen to be in the “Solutions Seat”, where all participants collaborate and focus on that company’s chosen challenge – the biggest problem keeping them up at night that needs to be resolved and acted on NOW!

By helping to guide their organization through the rough waters of uncertainty in our rapidly changing world, leaders are supported by other members of DesignShop® Labs to take the most important actions required to realize measurable results.

Everything is on the table. Challenges brought to the DesignShop® Lab can include improving sales, customer engagement, systems breakdowns, personnel challenges, leadership performance, and more – nothing is off the table. Outcomes can include creating new levels of profitability, new product ideas, new sources of revenue, dramatic cost savings and budget balancing, improvement in team performance a

How it works:

  • 100% confidential.
  • Consists of 12 peers from non-competing companies & industries.
  • Made up of leaders desiring to successfully navigate their company through the uncertainty of the moment.
  • Applied action using a 40-year proven methodology used by Fortune 500 and
  • Fortune 100 companies, governments, and NGO’s to solve their biggest challenges, at any scale.
  • A powerful, intimate forum for solving problems, creating breakthroughs, and producing results through verifiable action.

What you get:

  • Real action, and solution implementation to your company’s most pressing problems;
  • A total of 48 hours of applied action oriented DesignShop® immersion around key business challenges, specific to the demands and challenges of your company;
  • Live support from an elite group of your peers in both solution design and taking action to execute;
  • Networking and masterminding with other executives experiencing the same challenges you are;
  • Complete hard copy set of Collaboration Code applied design books, including real-world case studies, so that you can learn and implement how other companies at your size, or larger, applied the same models to solve the same challenges you are experiencing.

Interested in being an DesignShop® Lab executive participant?

Begin your registration process today to see if DesignShop® Labs is a fit for you!

DesignShop® Labs Self-Directed Course

The DesignShop® Labs course draws on the very same methods and models from the world-leading DesignShop® process, providing small businesses with the opportunity to benefit from applying the very same methods and models to their company that Fortune 500 companies do.

In addition to the course, each month participants engage in a 90-min live virtual teaching on one DesignShop® model tailored to a specific common small-business challenge, helping companies realize a solution of the month.
Complete with Q&A and mentoring, this introductory 12-month course provides entrepreneurs and small business leaders with the tools and models they need to overcome their biggest challenges, and to grow their companies in a way that simultaneously produces results never before dreamed of.