DesignLab Mastermind

What is DesignLab Mastermind?

This is your opportunity to experience the power of the DesignShop methodology, used by 55% of Fortune 100 companies, over 40 years, but with all the convenience and benefit of an online mastermind, and for a fraction of the cost of a full in-person DesignShop!

Each month, 1 company is the company in focus, in the “Solutions Seat”. This means you and your chosen challenge are the focus that month of the DesignLab, with the other 11 companies participating in the creation of the solution you require through the DesignLab process, opening their networks and connections to assist were relevant, and holding you accountable to act and execute on the designed solution to your challenge.   

Rob Evans and Chad Lefevre meet with Solutions Seat executive team for 2-hours a few weeks in advance of the upcoming DesignLab to determine the appropriate Patterns, Models and Tools from the DesignShop methodology that are relevant to your chosen challenge. These Patterns, Models and Tools will serve as the framework in and through which all DesignLab participants will engage, and create the course of action required to solve your chosen challenge.

During the DesignLab, all peers collaborate and focus on the Solutions Seat company’s chosen challenge.  Appropriate DesignShop® Patterns, Models and Tools are deployed to co-create precise, actionable solutions to your chosen challenge.

Finally, DesignLab culminates the year with an in-person retreat comprised of participants from your DesignLab, and other concurrent DesignLabs.

DesignLab Benefits include: 

  • Improved profitability and success
  • Solutions to any type of business challenge, at any scale
  • Competitive advantage in your industry
  • Exponential progress in mere hours, versus weeks or months
  • Convenience (DesignLab is virtual)
  • Peer-to-peer mastermind networking and connection
  • Breakthrough measurable action and results