Design Summits

The most immersive live online transformational leadership development workshop ever produced, resulting in leaders that thrive powerfully in all areas of life. TMIC convenes leaders and creators of the Future, to co-create a future-ready society.

TMIC Summits are unlike any Summit you’ve ever experienced. These aren’t just high-profile and prestigious events. 

It’s where we get real work done, because each Summit is an immersive DesignShop®.

Instead of being a passive “listening” experience, TMIC Summits focus on creative collaboration between participants and delivering actionable outcomes that participants co-create together, align around, and agree to act on; complete with mutually agreed-to accountability structures.

Our highly curated Summits bring together professionals, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, investors, world leaders, scientists, artists and creatives, renowned thought leaders, and free thinkers from various sectors and fields. Together we innovate, challenge, and co-create new possibilities and opportunities within the respective Summit’s theme, while re-imagining, designing and creating new life regenerative systems and structures that will constitute a Future Ready world. 

In addition, TMIC Summits foster meaningful networking, knowledge sharing, and strategic thinking among selected participants, and we do so within the context of the most immersive, creative collaboration ever created known as DesignShop®.

DesignShop® has been trusted and relied upon for 40+ years by 55% of the Fortune 100, Fortune 500, NGO’s, nonprofits and government entities, to solve any problem, at any scale within and between organizations. It has been used to align people, teams, and communities around a shared and common purpose, and to create solutions to shared strategic, operational or systemic challenges; and to explore the opportunities for effective change in our rapidly changing world.

Using DesignShop® as our framework, each Summit has the time-tested and proven ability to activate a new vision and take action to implement co-created solutions. 

The atmosphere of a TMIC summit is one of expanded thinking, possibility, high energy, inspiration, and profound intellectual engagement. Each Summit takes place in a well-appointed venue, such as a luxurious hotel or a state-of-the-art conference center, where the customized DesignShop® environment is unveiled, creating a workspace conducive to collaboration and creative conversation. Attendees are treated to a meticulously curated and highly intentional agenda featuring a mix of DesignShop® Patterns, Tools and Models.

This highly collaborative and creative environment offers participants the freedom to explore key insights into emerging trends, share their personal experiences, and provide valuable strategies for navigating the complex challenges of the modern world, as well as the Future Ready World we must create.

Networking is a central aspect of a TMIC summit. Attendees are provided with the opportunity to connect with peers, potential partners, clients, investors, and mentors as they creatively collaborate together. Informal interactions during breaks and evening receptions often lead to valuable collaborations, partnerships, and key relationships that extend well beyond the Summit itself.

Additionally, opulent pre and post Summit entertainment and cultural experiences elevate the networking experience, while adding a touch of class, uniqueness and local flavor to the event. This can include cultural performances, art exhibitions, local cuisine showcases, cocktail receptions or nightclub entertainment.

If you are a domain area expert in one of the themes of our upcoming Summits, or you or your organization would like to ensure a seat at the table in creating a Future Ready solution, please connect with us. 

Upcoming Summits:

We’re currently seeking domain experts, professionals, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, investors, world leaders, scientists, artists and creatives, renowned thought leaders, and free thinkers from various sectors and fields to collaborate and create Future Ready solutions in the following areas:

Responsible AI Summit: Winter 2024

AI Summit: Winter 2024 (Details Forthcoming).

Energy Transition Summit : Fall 2024

Energy Transition Summit : Fall 2024 (Details Forthcoming).