Creativity Beyond the Edge of Thought
Solve solutions at any scale with the world’s leading creative design thinking process, used by 55% of Fortune companies, governments, and NGOs.

DesignShop® is the most powerful results-oriented, immersive, creative collaboration process ever deployed. It has been trusted and relied upon for 40+ years by Fortune 100 and 500 companies, NGO’s, nonprofits, and government entities to solve any problem at any scale within and between organizations.

DesignShop® has been used to:

  • Align people, teams, and communities around a common purpose
  • Create solutions for strategic, operational, or systemic challenges
  • Explore the opportunities for effective change in our rapidly evolving world


DesignShop® has been used by many NGO, and government clients including: FedEx, Ford, Wal-Mart, World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization (WHO), Volkswagen, Johnson & Johnson, Unicredit, Boeing, US Air Force, EY, Southwest Airlines, The World Bank, INSEAD, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Harvard University, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NASA, World School, American Express, Accenture, Inter-American Development Bank, DaimlerChrysler, Lego Foundation, Oxfam, Rockefeller Foundation, and many more. 


Developed by Matt and Gail Taylor to succeed where standard linear problem solving techniques fail, they explain the immersive 3-5 day collaborative design intensive (known as DesignShop®) as a methodology that is “particularly well-suited to addressing problems that: 

1) cannot be solved definitively,

2) are unique in nature,

3) have considerable uncertainty and ambiguity, 

4) have political, organizational or economical constraints, and 

5) possess consequences difficult to imagine.” 

Where & When

DesignShop® can be delivered anywhere in the world, with participants ranging from thirty to one-hundred fifty people. Each participant is selected because of their relevance or domain expertise associated with the chosen challenges the organization seeks to address. One of the reasons DesignShop® is so effective is because of its integrity and diligence when planning and preparing for the work. Often, months of planning go into the preparations before a DesignShop® is delivered.