Let’s Create The Future Together

TMIC is a community of free thinkers, leaders, strategists, creators, builders, and inventors.
Together, we design solutions to the biggest challenges of our time, and create new systems and structures for humanity to thrive; whether local, regional, national, or transnational.

Creating a Future Ready Economy and World

Creation begins with a conversation. Through the sharing of ideas and exploring what’s possible in the face of challenges we, create new social constructs around which newly created systems and structures redefine our experience of life.

Our work is to facilitate The Most Important Conversations humanity needs to be having to design and prototype new models for living and working to create a Future Ready Economy and World. 

We accomplish this through our DesignShop® solutions, TMIC Summits, Online and In-Person Workshops and Retreats, and Self-Directed Courses.

We welcome and encourage your engagement and participation, whether as a contributor or community member of our collective work.

Contributors are proven leaders and experts in their field who are called upon to participate in TMIC Summits, DesignShop®, or as a facilitator of our programs.

Community members are individuals or business owners who are integrating our transformational methodologies into their lives and businesses as a foundation of thriving in our age of exponential change.

If you or your business is not fully immersed and engaged within
a community on the cutting edge of creating a Future Ready Economy and World,
you are choosing to be left behind.