Football Friday Nights: The Product Evolution of the Helmet

Why new innovations and technologies are changing the game, literally. “Repetitive head trauma chokes the brain.” When the words of Dr. Bennet Omalu flowed from the 2015 Will Smith hit Concussion, all of a sudden there was a new conversation. Of course it wasn’t entirely new, the NFL, trauma experts, Neurologists, helmet manufacturers, and the likes […]

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Product Packaging

Design tips for packaging that brands, sells, and saves your product. In a national study in 2018, 72 percent of consumers said a product’s packaging influences whether they buy. Packaging is the first interaction between a potential buyer and the product, even before the buyer interacts with the actual product itself. From my side of the aisle, […]

Removing Barriers While Building Barriers: An Entrepreneur Saving Our Seas

How one really smart product is making it easy for consumers to help Mother Nature. David Wolff, of Ocean Habitats Inc. is making entrepreneurship and product launching look easy. There are so many elements to a successful launch, and I want to use their most recent launch as a guideline to show how, when you solve a […]

Reducing Disposable Consumerism Is the Key to Better Design and Lowering Landfill

Drummond Lawson, an Environmental Chemist at Arc’teryx, has spent the last 5-years at the global design company in Canada, helping them work toward one big goal: recommerce. While Arc’teryx has been in the technical, high-performance apparel, outerwear and equipment market for more than 30-years, this most recent pivot is akin to the times we live in, where […]

Why Soybeans Are the Next Major Innovation In the Roofing Industry

The roofing industry is seeing major disruption, and sustainable products are becoming major player. Like many entrepreneurs, Mike and Todd Feazel started out in an industry with a successful business, in this case, Feazel roofing, founded over 25-years ago. Throughout the years, they’ve watched the industry change, innovation become increasingly accessible, and consumer demands grow. When they decided […]

Saving Lives, Houses, and Money One Wildfire At A Time

Why problem solving with product design is saving lives and building a thriving business. When I was a college student off in Rhode Island, my parents bought a house and lived in Rochester, New York. Coming from California, and warmer weather, my dad often had fires burning in both of the double fireplaces in their […]