The Mindset Shift: Elevating Leadership With Positive Intelligence With Angie Alexander

The Most Important Conversations | Angie Alexander | Positive Intelligence

  Do you ever wish you could approach challenges with a clear head and a positive outlook? Positive intelligence offers a framework for mental fitness, helping you silence your inner critic and unleash your leadership potential. In this insightful episode hosted by Chad Lefevre, Angie Alexander delves deep into the transformative power of positive intelligence […]

Master Your Emotions: The Road To Building Emotional Sobriety

The Most Important Conversations | Emotional Sobriety

Imagine a life where you’re not controlled by your emotions. Where impatience doesn’t hijack your day, and frustration fuels action, not meltdowns. Join Chad Lefevre & September Dohrmann in today’s conversation as they traverse the path building emotional sobriety and master the power of emotional intelligence. Emotional sobriety is the key to understanding your feelings […]

Exploring The Beauty Of Aerospace Medicine With Smith Johnston

The Most Important Conversations | Smith Johnston | Aerospace Medicine

Space is among the most hostile and unpredictable environments to explore and work in. Aerospace medicine assures the safety of astronauts and pilots, allowing them to accomplish tasks flawlessly. On a much larger scale, these practices can also be applied in our everyday lifestyle. Chad Lefevre and September Dohrmann chat with Smith Johnston, NASA Retired Medical Officer and […]

Meditation For The Modern Minds In A Disconnected World With Pandit Dasa

The Most Important Conversations | Pandit Dasa | Meditation

Feeling like you’re constantly on edge? Like the world’s a never-ending to-do list and your mind’s a hamster wheel? In this episode, we explore the power of meditation to find inner peace and focus with mindfulness expert Pandit Dasa. Chad Lefevre and September Dohrmann discuss the essence of meditation with Pandit, who shares his journey […]

Looking Into The World Within Ourselves

The Most Important Conversations | World Within

We often identify with our physical body, but our entire identity must not solely depend on this very external element. Understanding the world within is key to knowing and revealing our most authentic self, untethered to earthly forces out of our control. In this conversation, Chad Lefevre and September Dorhmann discuss how to know oneself […]

Selling The Vision: Why You Must Focus On Your Being

The Most Important Conversations | Selling The Vision

When selling the vision of your business, the biggest mistake is to be too pushy, salesy, and disconnected from your target audience. What you must be doing is putting your vision in alignment with you who really are. Chad Lefevre and September Dohrmann share strategies on vision selling built around your personal calling and purpose, […]

Paradigm Shifts: Discovering Consciousness Beyond The Brain With Mark Gober

The Most Important Conversations | Mark Gober | Consciousness

  We are conditioned with a certain worldview by society that often leaves us aimless, going through life just trying to achieve the next thing. But life is so much more than that. We learn more in this mind-expanding episode, where Chad Lefevre welcomes Mark Gober, the author of the award-winning book, An End to Upside Down […]

Aliens, The Government And Religion: A Melting Pot

The Most Important Conversations | Alien Life

Humans have been fascinated with the mysterious and the unknown since the beginning of history. One of the most celebrated topics is alien life. Where are they? Do they exist? What do they look like? And do we already have contact with them? Chad Lefevre and September Dohrmann attempt to answer questions about extraterrestrial life […]

Exploring Sexual Dynamics: Navigating Desire And Relationships With Dr. Ian Kerner

The Most Important Conversations | Sex

Our ideas toward sex have drastically changed along with the times. Sometimes, it can be disorienting to navigate through it until we have to confront the way it impacts how we see relationships. In this episode, Chad Lefevre is with the esteemed Dr. Ian Kerner, a distinguished sex psychologist renowned for his groundbreaking work in […]

Understanding The Architecture And Environment Of Your Life

TMIC 2 | Architecture And Environment

Are you aware of the current architecture and environment of your life? If you do not understand where you are right now and how it impacts your experiences, you could get stuck and cease growing. Chad Lefevre and September Dohrmann discuss jumping into your creative space and becoming the architect of the life you truly […]